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Bissonnet Baptist Church

Remnant Preserved

Welcome To Our Website!

Thanks for visiting our new site, we are so blessed you found us!

We're still making a few tweaks here and there, so come back often to keep up with us and all that God is doing. Bissonnet Baptist Church is a non-denominational body of Christ located in Southwest Houston. At the "Net" you can worship the Lord to your heart’s content, grow deeper in your knowledge of Him, and perhaps become a part our family. We're inviting you to join us and serve alongside brothers and sisters in Christ who are committed to spreading the Gospel. No matter who you are, who you were, or where you’re from, we welcome you with open arms. We're so excited about all the new things God's doing with us that we want to share it with you!

Come and grow with us!!!

"I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalm 122:1

Pastor Marc & Rev. Pat Flowers

Our Call to Worship

When we worship, we receive reminders from God

To repent unto, restore into and

Renew His reasons for our existence

We relentlessly respect Him, He consistently redeems us

We reach for Him, He rewards us with reception

We realize, recognize and revitalize

Our relationship with God

He reunites, repairs, reconciles, and

Raises up our downtrodden spirits

He grants us grace refreshing, love recharged and

Strength re-empowered for missions–redefined

When we worship, we refuel for life’s coming challenges

God raises us up to meet them

Rendering our all to Jesus–His Son

When we worship God, we board His ship and cast His net;

Free passage, free supplies

Just stay on board! The ship always sails!

Just cast again! The net always fills!

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